DIY wall planter

wall planter1

Hello Everybody,

This post is going to be about a DIY project we did this summer. We live in a small apartment with a balcony. We try to upgrade it every now and then, but there was this wall of the balcony which was sooo empty. We wanted to do something about it, but couldn’t find anything that was good enough. We were knew we wanted to do some balcony gardening there, bud we weren’t sure how. Then the magic of Pinterest happened, as I browsed it for ideas, I found these planters. Well not exactly like these, but something similar that led to this installation.

And the planning and building process begins…. (imagine some A-Team music here). They are pretty easy to make, you only need some wood slats/pallet wood and a few screws.

We made 4 boxes, you can see how we placed them on the pictures.
First you need to cut the wood to size, you’ll need 4 slats for the sides, and one or two for the bottom (it depends how wide you want your boxes). We used two so the boxes are pretty wide, about 20cms.

wall planter collage

So you only measure, cut, and screw together. We made some separations inside them, but this is only stylish addition. 🙂 We put them on the wall with big screws. When they are on the wall, you fill them up with potting soil, and you plant your spices, flowers, etc. You can line the boxes with something that holds water in, but than you have to watch your watering, because if you overwater the plants they can rot quickly. I didn’t line them. Now when I water the plants, water comes out of the bottom of the boxes, but because of how we placed them, I just start the watering from the top, and It’s kind of a self watering system. 🙂
In the lower boxes I have thyme, mint, lemon grass, and rosemary growing, in the upper box I put some flowers, and as you see I have one empty as well. I’m planning to plant some vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce when the time comes.

Do You have some kind of planters on your balcony? What are You growing in them?

Have a nice day!


Food We Eat.

Hey everybody.

I haven’t been here in a while, but I got a little overwhelmed, we started to repaint our apartment and had close to no free time. But It was worth it. The place looks very neat now. 🙂 I also started a few new projects, and as soon as they’re done and photographed, they will definitely be uploaded here. But meanwhile I’d like to raise attention to something what is very important to me, the Food We Eat. My eyes were opened circa a year ago to this mass lie, what the food industry in generally feeds us. I have been searching, reading, watching videos about it and it is horrifying I have to tell. Most of you ovbiously know what I’m talking about, but i think there can’t be enough talking in this subject,  and to tell more, we can do a lot of things about it.

All of this started with the industrial revolution in Europe, which than spread to the rest of the World in a few decades. This was the transition for the World to new easier, more efficient manufacturing processes. This was the time, when hand production turned into machine production basically. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against every machine, I don’t want to be a cave-woman I’m glad we evolved. 🙂

But there is a right amount of everything and i think especially in the food industry things are sailing far away from what is good for us, and getting closer and closer to what is good for  the food companies, and that has to stop.

I’m not a hypocrite, as of today I also go shopping to hypermarkets, and buy mostly what is cheap (because everyone is living from money, right?) not really reading the labels. But today I saw a video (I saw similar videos before as well, but it seems, for me this was the border of the ignorance), which made me think this can’t be right  we can’t be that dumb to not realize this, to not care about this. THIS HAS TO STOP!
I generally try to reduce, but at least not to grow our ecological footprint. We collect the waist selective, try to buy local food, but we are in tiny baby shoes in this area.

This is the Video I’m talking about,  it was posted on Upworthy, and shared by the Food INC.’s facebook page. Please see it yourselves, and outrage as you wish, It just brings you all closer to the state of mind I’m in now.

O.K. humans are carnivorous, so we eat other animals. I have no problem with that, I love meat. The problem is, how we treat this mass processed meat. And mostly not because how the animal feels ( however that is also a significant point of view), but because of the impact this mass processed food has on us.

I start with chickens. What do you have in mind when I say chicken? Something like this, right?


Well it is mostly like this:


It’s sad. And also it is only a google search away from you, if you search chicken farm tonns of pictures like this come up, and i think only one or two which shows an actual farm with grass.

Well as you saw in the video the chicken you buy at the supermarket comes from this industrial processing. It’s like a chicken factory. And there is a difference whether you eat this chicken or you eat the one who actually had a life, saw the sun and ate grass and had space to run around. First of all if you bake the chicken from the factory it leaks water from itself. It’s because of what they eat pumps them up to look bigger, better, but really they are just water. It is proven, that the animal which was “happy” and healthy during its life, tastes better. Try it, it’s true.
Second of all, this mass produced chicken (and every other animal in mass production), is stuffed full with antibiotics. Which makes sense, if you think about it, when there are a few thousand chicken in a warehouse pressed onto each other there are a lot of bacteria and virus and also they’re milling around in their own poo. So that’s not healthy, they have to get so many antibiotics, that it does not empty from them, and you eat the antibiotics with the chicken. (most of them you cannot destroy with heat). You would think that’s not such a bad thing, you eat the medicine, so you won’t get sick either. WRONG.  You will get sick eventually, but then your body is so used to the antibiotics, they have no healing effect on you. But they have side-effects. Just read about it. Really it’s worth the time.

The saddest thing is that this all depends on us! We are the consumers, we are the ones, who only care about the price tag, and not the product. Or worse we care about it, we know all this, we just choose to ignore it, because it takes effort to go further than a hundred meters to buy our food. It takes effort to read about these things, so we choose to be treated this way. We do not care. And many many people will get wealthier over our ignorance. Over our health.

Don’t think that you are alone and one man can’t do anything. Educate the people around you. One step at a time we can make a difference. Remember we are the mass. There are more of us then them. We could easily control the supply.

Here is a Video that demonstrates farming can be done different.
Oh yeah! And see this Video in case you were wondering how can they sell this crap to us as we thing we buy good things.


Well it became a long post. I hope that a lot of you will think about that, and make changes. Little changes are enough.

Care about the Food We Eat!

See you soon.