Salmon in the oven


Hi Everyone,

I’m here again, and I brought you a delicious 30 minute dinner. We are baking Salmon this time. I usually try to fit as many fish into our meals as I can, because we love it, and more importantly it is extreme healthy.
As we all know Salmon is rich in Omega 3, but recent studies show, that it also contains small bioactive protein molecules (called bioactive peptides) that may provide special support for joint cartilage, insulin effectiveness, and control of inflammation in the digestive tract. So we should eat salmon (and more fish) more regularly. But you also have to be careful, because of the mercury level of this fish. Now you won’t have any problems if you eat salmon once or twice a week, but you shouldn’t eat it more often than this.

And now the recipe. It is the easiest and most delicious way to prepare salmon. It takes literally 30 minutes (and if you make salad instead of the mashed potatoes, it’s even faster). This recipe serves 4 people. I used salmon fillet, because it’s easier to prepare, and it was on sale as well 🙂


You’re gonna need:

2 medium salmon fillets with skin
2-4 cloves of garlic, chopped
4 sprigs of fresh rosemary, chopped
Salt (I use himalayan salt, but seasalt, or simple table salt is great too)
Black pepper, freshly grounded

First you preheat the oven to 200°C. (next I made the mashed potatoes as a side dish, so I cooked the potatoes in salty water, smashed them, and mixed with butter and cream) You cut the salmon to about 10cm wide pieces, lay them on the baking tray skins down. Then you salt them, pepper them, and put the chopped rosemary and garlic on them. Now put the fish in the oven for about 10 minutes, until it breaks easily into small thin pieces.

Serve and eat with joy! 🙂
Share Your favourite salmon recipe with me in the comments!



DIY Pallet wall

pallet collage

Hello Folks,

I brought you today a crafty post which is kind of far from the kitchen.
We live in a small, two-bedroom aparment, and we really struggle with the heating. Our devices are not so effective, and also the apartment is not really new, It’s about 40 years old. Of course we made some renovation before we moved in, but that didn’t solve all the problems we had due to the lack of insulation on the walls. Therefore our bedroom wall was always cold, and we paid too much on hetaing to reach a comfortable 18 degrees (celsius) for sleeping. We tried so many things, but then found a great idea, which also looked great and stylish. This was to cover the wall with wood. The idea came from Pinterest of course. I’m obsessed with this site. But aren’t we all? 🙂

The original source was this:

DIY Pallet wall from Cape 27

But pallets here are depositable, so the planning and counting brought, it would be cheaper to do it from pine slats. Fortunately we have a lumberyard nearby, and they have very reasonable prices, so we bought the wood material, and cut to size. (my Man is very handy, so we do most of our stuff ourselves, and also have the tools, but if you don’t, the lumberyard workers will cut to size everything as you want)  Of course we had to treat the wood with linseed oil to make it last longer and a litlle more resistant to water, so for like 3 days our living room looked like this while it dried:

Pallet wall 01Then when they dried out, we started to put them up to the wall. First we needed four sleepers, screwed the on the wall and we put the slats onto them. We thought about putting some insulation material under the slats (because there was about 3cms big space), but then we decided not to, due to our worries about mold, so we didn’t. We figured, the air between the wall and the wood will be enough.


When all the slats were on the wall, we needed to sleep, because we were exhausted (and also it was 11 pm.).

pallet03Forgive me for the quality of the photos, but it was in lamplight at night and I only had my phone to take them.

The next day the work continued by painting the slats, and with little touch ups, like putting reading lamps  and my mirror on the wall. It looks neat, isn’t it? And I have to say we don’t miss the additional insulation, the room is about 3-4 degrees (celsius) warmer than before this adjustment, and with the same amount of heating. It’s much comfortable now to sleep, we aren’t cold, and we feel good everytime we enter this room.

pallet collage

The whole project took us about 4 and a half days, and only because of the linseed oil we put on the slats. The process of putting this on the wall was only 1 day, and the painting was also 1 day, so it is a very easy DIY project. A cheap weekend makeover, which also will save you money, and make your apartment look stylish.

Did anyone of you do a project like this? Please share your experiences with me in comments.



Quick cold fruit soup

fruit soup

Summer is here, the weather is hot and it’s lunchtime. Everybody is hungry, but you don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen to cook. Seems familiar? Now I have the solution! This soup is delicious, it’s cold, and fruity. 🙂 Perfect summer meal. I made this  like a thousand times, from different fruits, and the result was great each time.

Now I share the secret with you all.



1/2 kg fruit of any kind (it can be only one type of fruit, or you can mix some fruits, can be canned or fresh fruits, It’s up to you)
2dl whipping cream
1pack of vanilla pudding powder
1teaspoon of cinnamon
1-3 cloves
sugar, water

I used canned blueberries and canned sour cherry, each in a 0,7l bottle. The measurements have been adapted  to this.

canned fruits

First thing to do is to cook the fruits. If you use canned, as I did, pour the fruits and the syrup into a pot, then add 6dl water (more-or less, it depends on how much is your canned fruit). If you use fresh fruit, then pour the water until it is slightly above the fruits. Add the spices. They can be varied to suit your taste. Now you have to let it boil together.



When it is almost done, you start to mix the whipping cream with the pudding powder, then you add the pudding mix to the soup while constantly stirring it.
Now you only have to boil it once more, then let it cool. You can also put it into the fridge.

Yummmmm. 🙂

After we ate this I made the same soup but from pears and apples, it was also delicious.

See ya’ll 🙂