Baked cheesy chicken

Hi everyone!

I’m here with yet another food post. I couldn’t resist. At the weekend I made this quick and easy but delicious meal and I thought I share this recipe with you just in case anyone is in the “what the heck should I cook” phase. :)This meal is usually my life saver.

-1kg chicken breast fillet
-20dkgs cheese (this time I used Edam but you can use any cheese you want)
-1cup heavy cream
-salt, pepper (seasoning is really up to your taste)

You’ll start with buttering a large Jena glass bowl or a casserole dish. Next you mix the eggs with heavy cream than slice the chicken. You can either slice or grate the cheese. Grating makes more even layering. I was lazy last time just sliced it. Now you start with a chicken layer (on every layer of chicken sprinkle some salt and pepper or your choice of seasoning) than place cheese slices on them.
Repeat this once more, than pour half of the egg-heavy cream mixture on it.

Repeat the whole method once but the final layer should be cheese.

Now put it in the preheated oven. Bake it on low temperature until it bakes together completely and the cheese melts on top. Than raise the temperature and bake it until the cheese starts to turn brown.

We like to eat it with mashed potatoes but it is also great with salad or rice.
Try it and let me know how it turned out.
See you next time.