DIY wall planter

wall planter1

Hello Everybody,

This post is going to be about a DIY project we did this summer. We live in a small apartment with a balcony. We try to upgrade it every now and then, but there was this wall of the balcony which was sooo empty. We wanted to do something about it, but couldn’t find anything that was good enough. We were knew we wanted to do some balcony gardening there, bud we weren’t sure how. Then the magic of Pinterest happened, as I browsed it for ideas, I found these planters. Well not exactly like these, but something similar that led to this installation.

And the planning and building process begins…. (imagine some A-Team music here). They are pretty easy to make, you only need some wood slats/pallet wood and a few screws.

We made 4 boxes, you can see how we placed them on the pictures.
First you need to cut the wood to size, you’ll need 4 slats for the sides, and one or two for the bottom (it depends how wide you want your boxes). We used two so the boxes are pretty wide, about 20cms.

wall planter collage

So you only measure, cut, and screw together. We made some separations inside them, but this is only stylish addition. 🙂 We put them on the wall with big screws. When they are on the wall, you fill them up with potting soil, and you plant your spices, flowers, etc. You can line the boxes with something that holds water in, but than you have to watch your watering, because if you overwater the plants they can rot quickly. I didn’t line them. Now when I water the plants, water comes out of the bottom of the boxes, but because of how we placed them, I just start the watering from the top, and It’s kind of a self watering system. 🙂
In the lower boxes I have thyme, mint, lemon grass, and rosemary growing, in the upper box I put some flowers, and as you see I have one empty as well. I’m planning to plant some vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce when the time comes.

Do You have some kind of planters on your balcony? What are You growing in them?

Have a nice day!


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