Canelloni with tomato sauce

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I had to cook something, so we would have lunch today. For some days I wanted to try the Canelloni pasta. Well now was the time to do that, and also I’m sharing this recipe with you all.

The Canelloni is an 8-10 cms long tube shaped pasta with a 2cms diameter. You can fill it with almost everything, the most popular stuffings are the tomato sauce with meat or the spinach and ricotta with beschamel sauce.

I choose the tomato version, since I had no spinach at home… 🙂

First of all you need the Canelloni, which I’m sure you can find in any store, now It’s pretty common. Here’s what I used:

CanelloniDried cannelloni pasta

This is 250 gramms, that means about 25 tubes. It should be enough to fill up a 1,5l rectangular shaped baking dish. You can see that in the picture on the box there is a spinach filled version of the pasta. The box came with the recipe for that so next time I’m making Canelloni , I will definitely try this version.

You’ll need a medium-sized onion, 500g minced meat ( I used half beef, half pork, it was delicious, but you can go with either), 1l tomato paste (or you can make it from fresh tomatoes, in that case you have to use about 8 big tomatoes), about 15dkgs of greated cheese, some salt, pepper and basil, about 1dl olive oil and 1dl water and some butter for the pan.

First you have to heat up the olive oil in a medium saucepan, than cut the onion in small pieces (maybe save the root end of the onion for planting, that’s what I did), put it in the heated oil, and fry until it seems glassy.


Than put in the minced meat tear it apart for very tiny pieces for it will be easier to stuff the pasta that way. Season the meat with salt and pepper.


When the meat is completely browned, pour in the tomato paste, water down a little if needed.

tomato sauce

Put some more salt and pepper into it and season with basil also to give it an Italian taste. 🙂

Boil the sauce while stirring it occasionally. Then turn off the heat, let it cool down a little. Meanwhile you should preheat the oven. When the sauce is not too hot anymore, start stuffing the Canellonis. Careful, because if you don’t support the back end of the pasta, all the sauce will come out what you fill in, and the dinner making becomes the never ending story… It takes some time to figure out how to stuff them, but once you got it, there’s no way to stop. Fill the Canellonis one-by one, and place them into the buttered baking dish. When you’re out of the pasta, pour the remaining sauce onto them. Mine looked like this at this point:

almost ready

You may notice, that the dish is not completely full with pasta, I was one canelloni short. Nevermind, I filled the hole with cheese.

So now’s the part when you sprinkle the greated cheese onto the pasta.

cheesewith cheese

Then cover it with tin foil (just to not burn the cheese) and put it in the oven for 15 min. After the 15 min take it out take the tin foil down and put the dish back to the oven for another 15 min to neatly bake the cheese on top.

There you go, It’s done. Wasn’t so hard after all, now was it?

Enjoy this meal.



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